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Managing your iPads with the UnoCart™

By Lapsafe Products on Wednesday, 17 October 2012 13:33 | Technology

Using tablet PCs in the classroom currently seems to be one of the most hotly debated topics in education, with iPads fast becoming the tablet of choice for many schools. Discussions are flying over the best educational apps, ways to use iPads in the classroom and across the curriculum, and how best to manage multiple devices.

With a class set of iPads to manage, many schools are finding themselves in the predicament of where to store, charge and synchronise all of these devices; with this concern in mind, LapSafe® Products created the UnoCart™ for iPads sync and charge trolley. With the UnoCart™ for iPads, users can store, charge and synchronise up to 16 or 32 iPads, alongside secure storage and charging space for one MacBook or laptop inside the trolley. Storing iPads in a mobile trolley allows schools to easily share resources between classrooms, whilst providing safe student access to fully charged mobile computing.

It is important not to overlook the physical security of these valuable devices; small and easy to conceal, iPads are sadly a prime target for would-be thieves. That’s why the UnoCart™ for iPads has been designed with a fully steel construction, and twin locking doors with separate keys for the front and back doors to inhibit unauthorised access to the unit. A NoteLok™ security cable has been built into the charging trolley for securing the MacBook whilst on top of the cabinet during the synchronisation process. To protect the iPads from the everyday wear and tear that will inevitably occur, each shelf in the UnoCart™ for iPads features a protective foam covering.

One school who are already using the UnoCart™ for iPads is St. Hugh of Lincoln R.C Primary School. Teacher Mark Mountcastle said of the trolley: “The UnoCart™ for iPads offered us all of the functionality that we required at a lower price than other trolleys on the market with similar specification. We felt that the trolley was good value for money, and, because it bears the LapSafe® name, we knew that we’d be getting a reliable and robust solution.”

For more information on the UnoCart™ for iPads, and pricing, call LapSafe® free on 0800 130 3456, or visit

Lapsafe Products

Lapsafe Products

LapSafe® brings you tested and proven secure, charging trolleys, cabinets and lockers for laptops, netbooks, tablets, PCs, Apple devices and other IT equipment.

With ten years experience as the original innovator of laptop charging trolleys and laptop cabinets, the name LapSafe® has become synonymous with safety and quality within the education sector and is a trusted brand leader. We have dedicated our business to providing safe and secure charging and school IT security solutions to the modern classroom which are functional, flexible and at the forefront of technology. Our product range such as our netbook trolleys, tablet PC charging carts and netbook cabinets have continued to adapt with the changing face of ICT delivery.

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