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Insights from the cloud - new #edtech blog

By Learners Cloud UK on Monday, 28 January 2013 16:50 | New Products & Services

There was a time when teachers stood at the side of a dusty chalk board with their students scribbling furiously to capture every point they read out.

Today, it’s a very different story: classrooms have come a long way with advances in education technology growing exponentially in recent years. From the use of white boards to the deployment of student-owned iPads, technology has forged a firm place in most learning contexts.

The question is, are we ready?

The term ‘digital native’ has received wide publicity, most notably in the argument for the use of new technology in the classroom. Yet its relevance can’t be ignored. Young people - those that have grown up with access to smart devices, touch screens and wireless connectivity - have an expectancy to consume information in this way. Why should learning be any different? The question is, however, are we as teachers ready for the significant changes this involves?

For many, the answer is yes, but for others the prospect of integration of smart technologies can be a daunting challenge.

LearnersCloud have announced the launch of their new blog Insights from the Cloud - designed for teachers and teaching professionals who want to share their experiences and learn best-practice techniques from those that have ‘been there and done that’.

This unique self-help community has flourished since its launch, and they hope you can join them as it grows into an essential advice-sharing site for teachers. Visit: Insights from the Cloud.

Learners Cloud UK

Learners Cloud UK

LearnersCloud is a suite of dynamic, engaging e-learning resources for GCSE students, available 24/7 via the most popular digital devices. The idea took off from day one, and we soon started to expand our range of subjects. Today, we continue to work towards our vision: the best online GCSE learning tool you can buy.

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