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Classroom design can improve performance by 25%, research reveals

By Innova Design Solutions on Monday, 12 May 2014 15:07 | New Products & Services

Different school cultures approach the design of the classroom in different ways. Innova Design Solutions have chosen this time of education reforms to conduct research into the advantages of creating bespoke classrooms to fit the class’ needs.

Intelligent interiors experts Innova Design Solutions have revealed the science behind designing and implementing a classroom that will engage the children and benefit their school performance. Detailing how an ergonomic classroom can help improve a child’s attitude towards and aptitude for learning in a helpful infographic, Innova stress the importance of shaping the classroom for the children’s needs rather than adapting the learning process to the environment.

Innova Design Solutions broke classroom design factors into 6 groups – furniture, layout, colour, temperature, acoustics and lighting – stipulating that all of these could have significant effect upon children’s concentration and their receptiveness towards new information and challenging ideas. The infographic explains that, where implemented correctly, intelligent school classroom design could improve children’s academic performance by a quarter.

As 300 new British schools are set to open from September this year, tens of thousands of schoolchildren could soon be the lucky recipients of an education shaped by intelligently-designed classrooms. Classroom furniture design has been highlighted as a central figure in improving classroom standards with ergonomic tables and chairs providing a more comfortable base, conduit to improving levels of child receptiveness.

Bespoke, ergonomic furniture can help reduce levels of fidgeting amongst students which in turn leads to greater concentration and improved behaviour. Furthermore, such furniture can improve the posture of the children, helping their health and wellness.

Most syllabuses benefit from encouraging the children to engage in a mixture of solo projects and group work. Fluid layouts enable children of different group sizes to work in different areas of the classroom effortlessly, and without compromising their concentration or receptiveness to the shared information. This can help inspire the children to work together and be able to better determine when teamwork would be beneficial to a task.

In some ‘classic’ classroom designs, it is apparent that there is perhaps not the same level of respect given to the psychological effects of the environment upon children. Luridly painted walls, using the cheapest materials available and unnatural looking lights may inhibit a child’s comfort and make concentration difficult. Simple psychology dictates that colour can dramatically affect people’s moods. Intelligent use of colour in the classroom can help encourage and inspire children.

Use of colour is particularly important when designing the classrooms of children with behavioural and anxiety problems who may feel uncomfortable at school. A pleasing atmosphere can go to significant lengths to keeping the child feeling safe at school and more receptive to the learning process.

With recent reports suggesting that all levels of education from nursery age can heavily impact upon a child’s academic achievement, it is becoming more and more obvious that intelligent classroom design should be a central concern when considering the education of our next generations.

For more information on Innova, please visit their website or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Innova Design Solutions

Innova Design Solutions

Innova delivers aesthetic interiors that work. Inspirational science laboratories, tempting food technology rooms, appealing washrooms and toilets, attractive receptions and bespoke desks… whatever the brief, they deliver desirable and imaginative environments for the 21st Century. They have built an enviable reputation over the last ten years as manufacturers of specialist education, commercial, retail and healthcare environments.

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