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For November and December, we’re bringing you Leading The Way, a series all about being an effective school leader. We’ll be publishing articles on the likes of staff wellbeing, school communities, curriculum planning, CPD and networking. Then there’s the case of edtech, which offers schools a variety of challenges and opportunities.

“To state the obvious, technology is now fully embedded in our lives,” says edtech specialist Terry Freedman. “It therefore stands to reason that a school in which technology is not part of the very fabric of the place is likely to be seen as somehow not quite part of the ‘real world’.

“Being a technology-rich school is no longer merely a ‘nice-to-have’ - it is essential. Put simply, why would anyone stay in an environment in which their job is made harder because of the lack of time and labour-saving software, if they have the choice of working in a better-equipped school?”

With this in mind, enjoy these amazing articles, which are powered by edtech solutions provider Groupcall.

15 incredible edu-leaders to follow on Twitter

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When it comes to great education leaders, whom should you be following on Twitter? Here, we present 15 of our favourites - remember, follow us at @InnovateMySchl if you aren’t already!

1. @ViviennePorritt - When it comes to an effective school vision, CPD and sector discussion, WomenEd national leader Vivienne Porritt is a great follow.

2. @TimSmithCEO - Tim Smith tweets many engaging ideas and photos as executive headteacher at The Magna Carta School and Bishop David Brown School.


3. @stoneman_claire - Brummie deputy headteacher / English teacher Claire Stoneman is a force of passion to be reckoned with, frequently sharing top reads.

4. @DrAAlston - Former New York State Principal of the Year Dr Anael Alston shares research-based inspiration for educators worldwide.


5. @AllanaG13 - Deputy headteacher Allana Gay is one of the architects behind pivotal diversity network #BAMEed, promoting leadership, equality and diversity in education.

6. @ottleyoconnor - Patrick Ottley-O'Connor is executive principal at the Essa Foundation Academies Trust, and is a dab hand at helping a community thrive.


7. @AsstHead_Jones - If you want to follow an assistant head who knows a thing or two about effective edtech use, look no further than Claire Jones.

8. @moffat_andrew - Assistant headteacher Andrew Moffat is the passionate author of No Outsiders in Our School: Teaching the Equality Act in Primary Schools.


9. @LshipMatters - An organisation recommendation, Leadership Matters is a one-stop-shop for high-quality leadership tools and CPD.

10. @ActionJackson - ‘Action’ Jackson Ogunyemi has the chutzpah and knowhow to empower an entire school - often through song!


11. @RobertsNiomi - Head of Science and Year 5 teacher Niomi Clyde-Roberts brings the tweeting teachers ideas and inspiration via visual methods.

12. @MrPatelsAwesome - That handle isn’t lying - Mr (Pran) Patel is indeed awesome. This assistant principal started the school year by speaking bravely about teacher wellbeing.


13. @chrisdysonHT - Headteacher Chris Dyson makes it clear why his school is inspiring, sharing lots of fun, informative and inspiring content most days.

14. @benniekara - Bansi Kara is deputy head at the STEAM-powered Aureus School, of whom we’re huge fans. In fact, we’ll be running an event at the school when this article goes live!

15. @cherrylkd - Special School assistant head Cherryl Drabble is an active member of the UK education community, shares fascinating content, and is an SEN expert.


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