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For November and December, we’re bringing you Leading The Way, a series all about being an effective school leader. We’ll be publishing articles on the likes of staff wellbeing, school communities, curriculum planning, CPD and networking. Then there’s the case of edtech, which offers schools a variety of challenges and opportunities.

“To state the obvious, technology is now fully embedded in our lives,” says edtech specialist Terry Freedman. “It therefore stands to reason that a school in which technology is not part of the very fabric of the place is likely to be seen as somehow not quite part of the ‘real world’.

“Being a technology-rich school is no longer merely a ‘nice-to-have’ - it is essential. Put simply, why would anyone stay in an environment in which their job is made harder because of the lack of time and labour-saving software, if they have the choice of working in a better-equipped school?”

With this in mind, enjoy these amazing articles, which are powered by edtech solutions provider Groupcall.

The (sun)rise of outdoor learning


Broxap are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of street furniture, shelters and cycle storage. With over 70 years’ experience, Broxap have a wide portfolio, and also provide a design and build service for bespoke projects.

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Given that not spending enough time outdoors is detrimental to a child’s health, UK headteachers have been taking it upon themselves to ensure pupils are allowed time amongst nature, thus promoting healthy development. For over 70 years, we at Broxap have delivered projects all over the country, for clients with varying budgets and requirements. This school year, we want to reinforce just how powerful and beneficial outdoor learning can be.

As the UK’s leading suppliers of street furniture, we have a diverse and extensive product range that covers everything from litter bins to benches, canopies to cycle shelters. For over 70 years, we’ve delivered projects all over the country, for clients with varying budgets and requirements. Over the past few years, we’ve noticed a rise in the demand of our timber canopies and walkways from schools, no doubt down to the increasing amount of SLT and teachers taking their classrooms outdoors.

Outdoor learning not only allows pupils to experience subjects whilst learning about them; it also promotes a healthy body and mind. Being outdoors, even in a classroom situation, promotes physical activity, as it’s easy to create activities where pupils are constantly moving. Not only does outdoor learning allow for pupils to become more active, it also helps them to become more sociable and improves their communication skills. Having one large outdoor classroom and seating area gives children the opportunity to interact with students that they do not usually get chance to interact with.

Working with schools across the UK, we keep finding that being outdoors and amongst nature gives pupils a greater understanding and appreciation for their environment. This school year, given the frequent news of environmental issues globally, it’s more paramount than ever that we educate children on conservation and respect for the environment.

One of our favourite recent projects is the installation at Windmill Primary School in Northampton. The headteacher at this school required a timber canopy to provide an outdoor learning space for Early Years’ pupils during both summer and winter. The space had to be creative in order to encourage the younger children to get involved, so we created a bespoke Timber Monopitch Shelter.

This structure has a multiwall polycarbonate roof with translucent vinyl, which creates a multicoloured, kaleidoscopic effect within the classroom. Broxap also installed vinyl roller blinds with windows to allow children the joys of learning outside, even on the stormiest of days. During the summer this timber canopy can have the vinyl blinds rolled up, which allows children to learn outdoors amongst nature whilst still getting complete cover from the sun’s harmful UV Rays.

Outdoor learning is extremely beneficial for children. It can promote a healthy active lifestyle, as well as enhancing their learning and environmental understanding.

To see how your school can take more learning outdoors this year, visit or contact / 0844 800 4085.


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