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The benefits of opening up school facilities for community use are manifest. It benefits users such as community groups and sporting clubs by providing them with facilities, while schools can generate vital income and build strong community bonds. Kajima Community works with over 380 schools nationwide to streamline and manage their lettings process. For schools, this can provide a valuable source of income at a time of stricken education budgets. Last year, schools using their BookingsPlus service raised £16.3 million: an average of £43,000 per school.

Greater community cohesion benefits pupils - opening up opportunities for work experience with lettings partners, providing access to specialist coaches and stimulating a sense of community responsibility. Schools are public facilities, and should be a resource for the wider community. With over 15 years of experience in community lettings, Kajima Community works closely with its partners to understand their needs matching them with those of the local community.

For further ideas on how best to embrace Community Partnerships, check out the below content, running all through April and May! 

30 edu-tweeters to follow: Scotland

James Cain

With a background in the dark side (journalism), James Cain joined Innovate My School as editor in January 2014. Since then, he has worked with educators far and wide to source great content for the teaching community. James is a film and music fanatic, also enjoying books, games and a good pair of Doc Martens. From the Chester-based offices of IMS, James is able to collaborate with / annoy enthusiastic teachers who are keen to share advice, resources and stories with their peers.

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This is a list of 30 recommended Scottish Twitter feeds. Note: this is by no means a ‘best-of’, and the order is unimportant. The list is comprised primarily of suggestions from the public, as well as some of our own choices.

1. @ewanmcintosh - An obvious place to begin, Ewan McIntosh is the educator who created the TeachMeet back in 2006. Ewan is a high school teacher and CEO of NoTosh.

2. @CreativeSTAR - Not only did Juliet Robertson contribute to the recent IMS Guide; she’s a widely-recognised expert on outdoor education, heading up Creative Star Learning.

3. @elbo_nz - Trading in beautiful, mountainous Scotland for beautiful, mountainous New Zealand, Lian Davies is a deputy principal and biologist who champions creativity.

4. @robfmac - Robert Macmillan is a Fife-based Social Studies teacher who tweets (and blogs, via about technology, politics and where they meet education.

5. @fkelly - Creator of the mighty @Pedagoo, Fearghal Kelly is a teacher keen on spreading edtech tips, teacher CPD and classroom resources throughout the community.

6. @MissCKelly19 - Primary teacher and development officer for digital skills Claire Kelly is a huge advocate of edtech. She recently climbed Ben Nevis in aid of Marie Curie, and brings this energy to Twitter.

7. @MrsCane_P4 - Through their feed, Falkirk teachers Mrs Cane and Miss O'Hare share grin-inducing photos throughout each day at Nethermains Primary School, Denny.

8. @aap03102 - Not only does Chris Smith have a massive calculator, as featured on his avatar; he sends out a jam-packed Maths newsletter “to about 1400 other maths folk around the world”.

9. @JayeRHill - The education guru who inspired this list, Jaye Richards-Hill is a member of the Scottish ICT in Education Excellence Group. She enjoys using edtech and social media to enhance learning.

10. @kennypieper - A curator of the aforementioned Pedagoo, Kenny Pieper is an English teacher based in Glasgow. He dispenses wisdom via

11. @ElliePrimary1 - Class mascot Ellie the Elephant heads up this account, along with some help from teacher Mary Jalland. The duo’s tweets and blog are bound to inspire energy on even the gloomiest days.

12. @cijane02 - Secondary deputy head Mark Healy has been at the chalkface for over 20 years, teaching Primary and Secondary in the UK, the UAE and Hong Kong.

13. @dgilmour - Just as much a rockstar as his Pink Floyd namesake, David Gilmour is a huge fan of ICT innovation and online edu-resources.

14. @MrsPert1 - Stirling’s Caradh Pert is a teacher of History, Pupil Support & Development, and Modern Studies. Her feed is a must for collaboration, getting involved with hashtags such as #ScotEdChat.

15. @GilchristGeorge - A Primary head, George Gilchrist blogs via School Leadership - A Scottish Perspective. His collaborative efforts take place both in person and online, in the UK and abroad.

16. @ciaracreative - Norn Iron Ciara Gibson is a community-focused teacher based in Highland Perthshire. She bakes, creates art and shows off her magnificent dog Alfie.

17. @ClarkToby - John Muir Award Scotland manager Toby Clark is an ideal expert to consult if you want to get your pupils outdoors and help them understand the importance of wild places.

18. @realdcameron - Scotland’s David Cameron is a regular TeachMeeter, spreading CPD and collaboration across the UK. Political and passionate, he’s always keen to champion others.

19. @PCampbell91 - Now residing in Barcelona, Primary teacher Paul Campbell has taught in Glasgow, Airdrie and Ballarat, Victoria. His interests include global citizenship, digital literacies, and teacher-education.

20. @IanStuart66 - Now of the mainland but formerly of the island, Ian Stuart is a former deputy head now developing online courses and methodologies for the Scottish government.

21. @macfloss - The mononymous Macfloss (sometimes known as Katrina Price) does it all: MFL teacher, Duke of Edinburgh Award leader, Edmodo trainer and prolific tweeter.

22. @BKPrimary - Teacher Cameron Archibald heads up the official Twitter account for Brydekirk Primary School, Dumfries and Galloway - a “small school with big ideas”.

23. @stephen_j_duffy - Sanquhar Academy’s Steve Duffy is an enthusiastic teacher with a particular interest in edtech, Computing, Science and leadership.

24. @katiebarrowman - Glasgow-based Katie Barrowman is an English / Literacy teacher and leader of learning. She has a love of collaboration, presentations and good culture.

25. @MissJ0nes - If you want to expand your network, you head over to Primary teacher Lynne Jones’ feed. She retweets top content with glee, ensuring that her own posts are also terrific.

26. @MrsADonnelly - Similar to Nethermains’ aforementioned account, one Mrs Donnelly heads up an account that documents the amazing adventures of Dunipace Primary School’s P1 group.

27. @olliebray - Kingussie High School principal Ollie Bray works worldwide as an education consultant, and is passionate about boosting via learning via ICT and outdoor activities.

28. @JMcKerrecher - Jude McKerrecher is an advocate for bringing first-class education to all, and is a professional development officer at Confucius Institute for Scotland's Schools. She blogs via Learning Journeys.

29. @LouiseE_Foreman - Dundee’s Louise Foreman is a development officer and digital skills specialist working for Education Scotland, and is enthusiastic about the opportunities afforded by edtech.

30. @PeopleValues - Having been based in Scotland for the past decade, Irishman Gary Walsh is a curator of culture in education. His background as a classical musician drives him to encourage pupil creativity.

Which Scottish educators would you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

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