Using Quizlet Live to engage every student

Kristy Lundström

Starting out as a Mathematics and Computer science teacher, Kristy Lundström understands the impact effective technology and systematic thinking can have on learning. She has worked as a Head of School for more than 10 years in Sweden, Belgium and the US. In every school, she seeks to empower teachers, support students and build communities. Her philosophy can be summed up by her favourite hashtag:  #unleashpotential

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Given all of the research on retrieval practice and spacing, I knew I wanted to continually review previously learned concepts with my Math 2b class. At the same time, I was stressed to cover all course content in the given term, and the students were always asking for more small group instruction. I have been looking for ways to solve all of these needs by integrating technology in an effective way.

Like many of you, I use Quizlet as a source of basic training for newly learned concepts and repeated review of foundational procedures. You know, “skill practice”. However, I have recently discovered Quizlet Live as a way to further use my flashcards to engage every student in an efficient and effective classroom conversation. Plus, it’s fun!

It works like this: You create your flashcard set on Quizlet. Then, you choose: Live.

Your live session will now be started and you will be given a code to share with students:

One by one, the students register to play. Once the whole class has signed in, the program randomly assigns students to a team.

Students then compete as a team to match each description with a given concept (you have set up your flashcards). The correct answer is only on one of their screens, which means they have to work together and engage in conversation to find the right solution.

Depending on the difficulty of your flashcard set, this process can take between five and 30 minutes. I have used this program to review concepts from a homework, diagnose previous knowledge and, as an exit ticket, to see how much the students had retained from a lesson.

Sometimes, we need an efficient tech tool to make the learning in our classrooms more effective, and Quizlet Live does just that.

For more detail regarding how we use Quizlet Live at our school, click here.

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