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iPad 100 series

By Mark Anderson on 25 January 2013, 12:39pm | iPads, iPods & Apps

Below you will find all of my iPad 100 posts covering everything you will need to know when investing in iPads for your school.

iPad in schools 101 – In the beginning

iPad in schools 102 – Why iPad?

iPad in schools 103 – THE device

iPad in schools 104 – THE learning

iPad in schools 105 – Workflow – How to save, work with multiple apps and share

iPad in schools 106 – The importance of your infrastructure

iPad in schools 107 – Why trialling is important

iPad in schools 108 – The importance of training & staff

iPad in schools 109 – Ways in which mirroring can take place

iPad in schools 110 – Stakeholders

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Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

I have lots of interests relating to ICT being my subject area and have a number of resources online too. I am a firm believer in how the use of ICT in lessons can improve pedagogy and outcomes for learners. To that end I organise TeachMeets in my local area and these are very well attended with more than 160 educators attending my most recent one.

My blog is a place to record thoughts, ponderings, findings and exciting things all related to teaching and learning, ICT to engage and inspire learners, iPads and their role in advancing teaching and learning, Web 2.0, gadgets, apps and anything else which excites me.!


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