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® is a manufacturer and supplier of innovative educational toys and learning aids. Founded in the Chicago area in 1984, Learning Resources® set up its European operation in King's Lynn in 1994. The company has established a strong reputation with both parents and teachers for outstanding Maths, Science, Early Years and Literacy products.

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Learning Resources, a manufacturer and supplier of innovative educational tools and learning aids, have produced a range of engaging products that support the Maths Mastery approach to learning, designed to enhance understanding and enjoyment, as well as raising attainment for all children.

Mathematics Mastery is a style of Maths teaching which draws from a number of established ideas and methods to create a rigorous teaching approach. Using objects and pictures alongside numbers and symbols, children are able to physically represent mathematical concepts and build their problem solving skills through a richer learning experience.

This innovative approach to Maths teaching has already received a £41 million funding boost from the Government, enough to support 8,000 primary schools across the UK to implement the mastery teaching technique. Thanks to this funding, each year 140 teachers will be trained as Mastery Specialists through NCETM and Maths Hubs. They’ll then go on to train other teachers in their local areas, with the end goal being to have 700 teachers trained as Mastery Specialists.

The announcement of the funding is an important milestone in Mathematics Mastery’s aim to transform Maths education in the UK over the long term.

In support of the Mathematics Mastery approach, Learning Resources have produced a range of high quality teaching aids, giving pupils a hands-on approach to learning in the classroom. These teaching aids cover the three distinct stages of learning mathematical concepts the mastery way: concrete, pictorial, and abstract.

The first stage, concrete, is based on learning through discovery. Suitable for young children, the tools in this range are designed to enable simple mathematics to be acted out through experience. Children move, group and rearrange objects to illustrate a problem, setting a foundation for conceptual understanding.

The second stage is pictorial. As a child’s experience grows, they no longer need to move objects around to understand mathematical concepts, and are able to draw them instead. Through drawing pictures, circles, dots or tallies, children are able to visualise concepts and develop logical thinking to solve equations.

The final stage is abstract, which is when the child has enough context of Maths skills that enable them to perform at a symbolic level using mathematic symbols and numbers to solve the problems mentally.

“The three steps provide children with a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and ideas and lays the foundations for effective problem solving in the future,” said Joanne Moore, Reception Primary School Teacher.

Learning Resources’ product range covers all three stages, helping children of all ages to master Mathematics, and recommend the following products in the range:

  • Cuisenaire Rods
  • Base Ten Classroom Set
  • brights! 2-Color Counters Mathlink Cubes
  • Real World Geometric Shapes
  • Number Bonds Answer Boards
  • Maths Comprehension Cards
  • Wipe-Clean Fact Family Boards

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