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Established in 2006, Derventio Education develop software to help schools, colleges and universities to be more efficient and effective. Find out more about us & how we can help you. SchooliP supports leaders to improve teacher effectiveness through streamlining professional development, self-evaluation and improvement planning.

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I wasted time, and now doth time waste me.” Richard II, Act 5, Scene 5

The optimal school leader is proactive, personable and pragmatic. The common theme throughout these qualities is time. A proactive leader ensures that deadlines are adhered to and best laid-plans are not forgotten. They are willing to make time for others, listen attentively and take onboard contrasting viewpoints. Pragmatism means they can prioritise the most important tasks to hand and make sensible decisions.

SchooliP by Derventio Education is electronic software for professional development that enables leaders to embed the above traits into their daily practice. SchooliP allows the appraisal process to serve as the bedrock for school improvement. Leaders can carry out school development plans, school evaluation forms and lesson observations on an efficient and secure system. Continual professional development can also be monitored.

Our prompt-based system ensures that deadlines are not forgotten, which harnesses a proactive culture. Dialogue between colleagues is actively encouraged, and mutually agreed targets are established. Objectives can be linked to whole school priorities and this helps to foster teamwork. An overall viewpoint allows progress to be monitored, and areas that require support can be easily identified. Ultimately, this creates a focused environment wherein leaders can make informed decisions using the data at hand.

In an environment where inspiring children is the forefront of everyone’s minds, a time-efficient leader is able to set a strong example to both staff and students. SchooliP supports effective leadership and ensures that the precious commodity of time is not wasted. Our technology is proven to enhance leadership within schools.

Find out more on how SchooliP can enhance leadership at your establishment by visiting www.derventioeducation.com/schoolip. Alternatively, get in touch on [email protected] or 0333 0433 450.

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