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SchoolsBuddy is ideal for extra-curricular activities management, safeguarding and parent engagement. The single, global solution for multiple non-MIS tasks, SchoolsBuddy allows schools to save money and time by combining parent communication, activities management, fee collection, after-school club signups, mobile registers, pupil engagement, sports organisation and web portal into one mobile enabled solution that integrates with their MIS.

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When we first speak to a school interested in our software, we ask them what they are using already. Then comes the long list of separate software providers, one for messaging parents, one for parents to make payments, one to send homework... the list goes on. Not only do parents get fed up logging in to multiple systems - your school budget is taking a hit, too.

SchoolsBuddy is the most comprehensive software system available, which means multiple functions for a single, and far more budget-friendly, price. Our system integrates with your MIS to access pupil and parent information, and can be used for one, all or some of our modular functions:

  • Parent communications.
  • Fees and payments.
  • Consent management eg for school trips.
  • Sports teams & fixtures.
  • After-school club sign up and allocations.
  • Bookings, eg parents evenings or school dinners.
  • Parent diary (showing all events for one or multiple children in one place).
  • Registers, including absentee alerts.
  • Reporting.

Bringing some or all of these functions into a single system can save your school admin team time, and finally allows them to say goodbye to endless spreadsheets. SchoolsBuddy’s admin dashboard is easy to use, events and communications are a breeze to set up, and there is less time spent answering parent queries.

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We have lots of praise and feedback from our schools, including many like this:

After-school and breakfast clubs bookings took me the majority of my day - in addition, invoicing parents was incredibly time consuming! Now, apart from the odd parent question or booking query, SchoolsBuddy has revolutionised this process, and now no longer impacts my day at all!” - Jodie Oliver, school administrator at Hilltop Primary School.

Parents love SchoolsBuddy, as they only need to log in to one system that they can access on the web, or via our Apple / Android apps. With so many features in place to make their experience easy, less time is spent helping parents or answering queries. Everything is available to see quickly and easily, most importantly for all every child of that parent.

Desiree Small of RAHA School explained: “We have actually had parents come in and say that this is the best thing the school has ever done. ‘It’s so much easier for signing up, it’s so much easier for figuring out what my kids are doing, how to get them into activities, in the past we had to wait for some random message from some random system, it’s all under the same umbrella again.’ Everything is condensed for both parents and staff, so to hear that it’s working not just for me but as a parent too, and to hear the feedback from other parents that it’s the best thing that we have ever done, that’s a good thing for us.”

To find out more about SchoolsBuddy, and to request a demo to see how we can help reduce costs at your school, please visit

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