Raising attainment and achievement through innovative leadership


Lexonik is the only literacy intervention to increase reading ages by 27 months in just 6 weeks (as confirmed by Northumbria University). Using a combination of unique resources and instruction, Lexonik improves literacy levels, vocabulary and comprehension, and accelerates learning for all. Whether you are a school leader, teacher, student or parent, Lexonik can provide the solution you have been seeking.

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There has been a wealth of studies examining what shapes the perfect leader. One of the traits of authentic leadership is the consideration of soft as well as hard data, but are decisions based on non-quantitative data possible in the current funding climate? Since Sound Training was established in 2011, we have worked with hundreds of schools with the same goal - to raise literacy levels and achievement across the curriculum. The school leaders and teachers we work with may have lots in common, but one thing that stands out is innovative leadership.

“When we first started talking with Sound Training about their literacy programme Lexonik,” says Robert Bradley, assistant headteacher at Brynmawr School, “I remember thinking that the claims of massive improvements in reading age in such short amounts of time were impossible. We now have the evidence; it really is possible. I will always invest in this resource, regardless of budget constraints.”

School data confirms the success of our unique training (27 months reading age gain in only six weeks), and with our money back guarantee, we’re keen to work around tight school budgets. The school leaders who who seek to introduce this programme into their school all display a determination to succeed, as well as a willingness to embrace innovation for the benefit of their team and students. Their advocacy and quotes are often word for word: “THIS WORKS”; “You’ve got to do what works”; “You’d be crazy not to.”

What is Lexonik?

Lexonik is a revolutionary way of raising attainment and achievement. Using a combination of unique resources and instruction, Lexonik improves literacy levels and accelerates learning for all. Suitable for students of all abilities aged 10 and above, the programme is delivered one hour per week for only six weeks, leading to amazing results. Focusing on vocabulary development and metacognition, the prescriptive lessons rapidly improve spelling, confidence and word knowledge, accelerating results across the curriculum.

It is available in two distinctly different ways, each equally successful. Using one of our specialised teachers, we can come and teach cohorts of your students, providing an instant boost to existing levels for a targeted group. Alternatively, we can train your teachers, giving selected members of your team the opportunity to be upskilled and receive outstanding training, resources and certification to deliver our unique way. This willingness to embrace new ideas as part of strategic leadership has undoubtedly contributed to the success of our many partnerships.

Do you consider yourself to be an authentic, innovative leader? Would you like to talk to others who have introduced Lexonik and are seeing the remarkable benefits? Please get in touch, and we will provide you with all the data you require - hard or soft!

Visit www.lexonik.co.uk or contact [email protected] / 01642 42 42 98 for more information.

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