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Pobble makes writing ridiculously exciting! The company was founded by teachers in 2013. Ever since, teachers have used the literacy platform to find the best teaching resource, connect with classes around the world, and assess writing. Pobble365.com / pobble.com/forschools.

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Pobble, recognised this week as the most promising education technology company in the UK by the organisation of British publishers, has announced that it will further expand its team of literacy teachers. As many as six educators joined Pobble this term. Here, one of them shares her experience.

It is only three years ago that three teachers in Yorkshire had an epiphany: an audience can make all the difference. They started Pobble, a platform that teachers across the UK and globally are using to share their pupils’ writing with the world. Co-founder Henry Smith (@HenryPobble), former literacy coordinator at Pannal Primary School, says: “Today, Pobble comprises a whole-school approach that inspires pupils and saves teachers time. Lesson preparation, parental engagement and assessment are all part of our solution.

As part of their Pobble journey, schools benefit from visits from teachers with a love for literacy from the local area. Informally known as Mr and / or Mrs. Pobble, they familiarise pupils and teachers with the platform. Helen Lisseman (@HelenPobble) joined Pobble last September: “Over the course of my first term with Pobble I have worked with over 1,000 children. It has been incredible to see them flourish with the prospect of becoming a published author on Pobble.

Impact is not just a number in the school’s pupil tracking system. This becomes apparent when we ask Helen about her most impressive experiences: “Ben [not his real name], a Y4 boy who receives adult support for behaviour, is a very reluctant writer who sits alone at a desk at the back of his classroom. After a challenging lunchtime, his class teacher was concerned about the afternoon's writing session.

“But Ben loves sport! From the moment the Andy Murray picture went up, and I ‘magpied’ one of his ideas, he was hooked. He loved the ‘sporty wake and shake’ and then settled to write. His teacher was amazed that he wrote anything, let alone as much as he did! She said it was the most he'd ever written and - importantly - he was really proud of his own work. He even stood up in assembly and shared some of it.

Pobble’s model is to arm great teachers with a brilliant tool, and lead by example. The company has announced that it will bring on exceptional teaching talent in a number of areas around the UK and in the UAE. Roles are free-lance and range from 1 to 5 days per week.

Applications are welcomed via the Pobble website.

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