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A fortnightly podcast about UK education for and about teachers, teaching, government policy and other things... Do you believe?

What's in this episode?

Leon and Alex forget 2016, compare notes on their new year's resolutions, discuss knowledge organisers, review some news, chat a little about AI and listen to a review (Teach Like a Champion 2 by Doug Lemov from Emma Shepherd) and some views from 3 attendees of the Association of Science Education conference.




The mission of the iTunes nominated The EdTech Podcast is to create better dialogue between the 'ed' and 'tech' communities through storytelling, so improving impactful education innovation. Guest interviews include school leaders, university leaders, educators, startups, blue-chips, investors, accelerators, associations and Government from around the world. 69 countries listen in to date.

What's in this episode?

This week we have we’re in conversation with everyone from Pearson, The Bookseller, Edtech Exchange, Oxford University Press, Assembly, the Audio Book Publishers Association, Kortext, recorded at ‘Edtech for publishers’ at FutureBook '16, asking questions such as:

  1. - What can edtech and publishers offer one another?
  2. - Can two distinct business cultures meet in the middle or not?
  3. - Is there a short term cost financially to publishers who are embracing edtech?
  4. - Outside of content, what are the infrastructure considerations on edtech for publishers across data, and good connectivity
  5. - What challenges do the financial squeezes in education and some difficult edtech business models present?

A big thank you to The Bookseller, Future Book and Edtech Exchange who worked on The Edtech for Publishers event together, and if you like this episode you might be tempted to also check out episode 37 on textbooks vs. technology.


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