Richard Kennett

Richard Kennett

Richard Kennett is head of History at Redland Green School in Bristol, which was recently awarded the Historical Association Gold Mark award. He is a specialist leader of education in History and works in many local schools supporting their teachers through the Bristol Schools History Forum, which he leads. In his spare time Richard writes History textbooks for Hodder, blogs at and posts a lot of photos of cats on his Twitter.

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The best way to engage kids with History is by immersing them in it. Throwing them in the deep end of the weird and wonderful world of the past, without any armbands and letting them go. That’s where the magic in History teaching happens. Below are my top tips for how to do this. I am not claiming they are my own personal ideas. Many of them aren’t; they are built on the best practice from the last thirty years. NOTE: lots of this comes from a manifesto for decent lessons which my team and I wrote last summer.

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