Greg Chapman

Greg Chapman

Greg Chapman is the writer and performer of ‘Condensed Histories’ - a series of shows, books and videos which take a fun look into many different aspects of History. Greg has performed educational shows in schools for nearly a decade, starting out performing shows across Italy to help teach English, before moving to his history shows in UK schools. The Condensed Histories Webseries is a free series of history-based videos available on YouTube ( and iTunes, covering a growing range of subjects!

Not a teacher, Greg often defines himself simply as a history-loving professional juggler!

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017 10:00

Great ways to engage pupils with History

Often, after a public show, a kind member of the audience will come up and tell me that I could be a teacher. While to them this is a compliment, this runs headfirst into one of my pet peeves. No, I could not just be a teacher. Of course I perform for (and sometimes direct) children and young people, and my shows have an educational leaning, but that doesn’t mean that I could walk into a classroom tomorrow and be a teacher. It is a basic misunderstanding, and to my mind, slight lack of respect for, the amount of time, training and on the job learning that makes for a good teacher.

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