Robert Lloyd Williams

Robert Lloyd Williams

History blogger, documentary maker and Deputy Head at Monkton Prep, Robert Lloyd Williams is a regular contributor to Squaducations’ 60 Second Histories. He's a big rugby, cricket and tennis fan, as well as a lover of history and wine!

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Thursday, 11 August 2016 10:53

The benefits of using film to teach History

I’m probably showing my age with this story. I was 14. It was after a sports lesson. I was tired. It was Geography. The teacher arrived at the classroom in an excited state. We were going to the A.V. room. This was indeed exciting. You must understand that this was before the days of interactive whiteboards, YouTube - using computers, indeed. Classrooms were not equipped to show moving images, so we all had to decamp to a different room set up for this very purpose. It was not even in the same block.

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