Jonathan Hancock

Jonathan Hancock

Jonathan Hancock is founder of the Junior Memory Championship, two-time Guinness World Record holder. He broke his first memorisation world record at the age of 16 and went on to be the World Memory Champion. Jonathan has written many books about memory, for children and adults, and is the memory consultant to TV programmes such as Channel 4’s Child Genius. Currently acting headteacher of a Primary school in Brighton, he is also the founder of The Junior Memory Championship, an annual event for Year 6 children from around the country. Registration for the 2017 training programme and online competition is open now at

The Junior Memory Championship is a nationwide memory championship for Primary school children, which aims to promote the development of valuable memory skills. Now in its ninth year (2016), the Championship  is a competition which searches for Britain’s rising memory stars, and is open to Year 6 pupils (10 and 11 year olds) from all over the UK.

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As a Primary school teacher, I’m increasingly aware of the vast amount of information and the wide range of skills that today’s children need to remember. And whatever the subject, exercise or activity we’re doing, I’m always on the lookout for one particular breakthrough moment: the point when a pupil stops talking about what they’re going to remember and starts telling me how they’re going to remember it.

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