Jodi Davidovich

Jodi Davidovich

Jodi Davidovich is a certified elementary teacher, who has taught in America and Israel. She now uses her expertise to support the ESL solution she sees as the next frontier in English Language Education – EZSpeak teaches clear English pronunciation using a "smart" voice recognition system that breaks speech into phonemes. The platform surpasses other technologies by recognising each student’s "voice fingerprint”, enabling students to practice speaking English with real-time feedback, assessment and personalized lesson tracts.  EZSpeak helps students confidently pronounce English and gives learners a safe space to build confidence. With EZSpeak, English becomes a comprehensive, “real world” communication tool.

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Here’s the thing about teachers. I think we all secretly want to be Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie Dangerous Minds (or maybe not even in the movie!). Our job is the hardest, most grueling job out there. And yes, it is rewarding – but often our influence is noted, absorbed and internalized within a student but we don’t ever get the satisfaction of being told by a student what actually made a difference (although I’m pretty sure my jokes have).

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