Lucy Rycroft-Smith and ​Jean-Louis Dutaut

Lucy Rycroft-Smith and ​Jean-Louis Dutaut

Lucy Rycroft-Smith has worked as a Mathematics teacher and as a freelance writer on education. She is now a researcher and writer for Cambridge Mathematics. JL Dutaut started his career as a lecturer in FE. He has worked in Secondary for most of the time since, and has been a governor at a Primary school. He currently works as a supply teacher.

Lucy and JL are the editors of Flip the System UK: A Teachers' Manifesto.

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Monday, 27 November 2017 11:00

Flipping the education system [interview]

When we asked our Twitter followers whom we ought to interview, ​Jean-Louis Dutaut threw his and Lucy Rycroft-Smith’s hat into the ring. Self-deprecatingly referring to this suggestion as “shameless self-promotion”, it quickly became evident that their project - Flip The System UK - was something our readers should know about.

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