Ayodele Harrison

Ayodele Harrison

Ayodele is an educational consultant and senior partner at CommunityBuild Ventures LLC, a consulting firm committed to developing powerful and impactful organisations serving Black communities. He is the creator and host of a weekly Tuesday night Twitter chat @BMEsTalk, a digital space for the voices and perspectives of Black Male Educators (BMEs). Since 2015, Ayodele has facilitated workshops and training programmes on topics ranging from navigating stress on the job, cultivating effective youth and young adult mentoring programmes, to building a culture of curiosity in the Maths classroom.

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Around this time of year, my commitment to my professional resolutions begin to wane. Deadlines, demands and life in general clouds my path to the professional improvement I seek. While my desire and intent are strong, my actions (or behaviors) often fall short or don’t even get off the ground. I find this is most often the case when try to do it all by ourselves, which is the case for many educators. Some colleagues have described it as feeling like they are working in a “silo” - ISOLATED!

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