Lori Kennedy

Lori Kennedy

Lori Kennedy is in her second year as Lower Years assistant principal at High Meadows School (Facebook page here) in Roswell, Georgia. She spent her first four years at High Meadows as a learning support teacher. Prior experiences include a role as instructional coordinator at The Cottage School and site coordinator at Southwest Education Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Lori received her Bachelor’s Degree from Wake Forest University and a Master’s Degree from Southern New Hampshire University.

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Tuesday, 03 July 2018 11:00

From learners to leaders!

An amazing thing happens when we expect students to be leaders. They lead. Challenging the philosophy that, by nature, there are leaders and there are followers requires educators to start early. Providing guidance and opportunity for development of leadership skills early on is essential. This is where we learn the tenets of how to get along in the world, and it’s also where “soft skills” originate that serve as building blocks of leadership.

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