Joanna Loucas

Joanna Loucas

Joanna Loucas is in her third year of teaching, although she is drama trained, her career has been within mathematics at St Michael’s C of E High School. She currently holds the positions of High Prior Attainer Coordinator and AimHigher Coordinator, which focuses upon developing students aspirations and attainment as part of a whole school agenda.

Wednesday, 22 May 2019 10:44

5 tips on working smarter (not harder)

Is there such a thing as “work-life balance” in teaching?

As teachers, we know that it can be difficult to find the off switch. A teacher’s job is never done and that is what makes finding a good work-life balance so difficult. I have always strived for perfection in my job as a secondary mathematics teacher, but I have also always been a sociable and active person. When I began my career I found it hard to achieve both. I soon learnt to work smarter rather than harder, allowing me to reduce my workload and gain a great work-life balance. So, here are my tips on how you could achieve this for yourself.

As featured on MyTutor's school blog

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