Sarah Davies

Sarah Davies

Sarah Davies is the author of Talking about Oracy, and is an associate assistant headteacher of an English Secondary School. She has written articles for both TES and Sec:Ed and has been Head of English for two years.

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Sunday, 10 January 2021 10:42

Exposing pupils to current affairs

I’m not afraid to admit my love for Shakespeare. It fascinates me how his prose and poetry can still resonate in society centuries after its intended audience were first exposed to his work. I also appreciate the stylistic sophistication of the 19th Century fiction, with the vivid descriptions and intricacies all finely laid out like a fine-dining suite: a feast of refinery, debauchery and social injustice for all to see.

Tuesday, 08 December 2020 15:24

5 ways to avoid teacher-burnout

As teachers, a lot of us are guilty of cramming our ‘free-time’ with as many fun activities as possible. Donning our roles as partners, parents, carers and / or pet owners, we exhibit an almost misplaced guilt that maybe we’ve spent too much time on work recently, leading to a wellbeing-reducing, drastic need to overcompensate. 

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