Adam Rood

Adam Rood

I run a production company that currently sends theatre into schools and we specialise in the delivery of the KS3 PSHE and Citizenship curriculum through our performances. I am interested in using theatre to not only educate but to also entertain and to put across as much subject matter as possible. Most important to me is that the students feel like they are able to relate their own experiences to what they see in our productions.

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Wednesday, 08 February 2012 15:55

How can we reduce cyber-bullying in schools?

As we regularly visit schools, we find ourselves in contact with the local police quite often, to discover crime in the area that we are visiting and the main problems with relation to bullying. A recurring theme in all regions is that ‘Cyber bullying’ as well as ‘underage drinking’ is a major problem.

In every school I visit, I observe students raising their hands to say that they’ve been victims of cyber bullying. When I ask why they think Cyber bullying is such an issue in society, the response is almost always ‘there are so many opportunities online to post anonymous comments now and it’s particularly used by people who don’t have the confidence to bully in person but when taking on a ‘cyber personality’ they feel this absolute sense of power.

A huge emphasis has been placed on the prevention of last month's riots occurring again in the future. Strategies have been put in place that will encourage students during their transition from primary school to secondary and fifty million pounds was pledged by Mr Nick Clegg at the Liberal Democrat conference that will facilitate this. But how can we find new ways of adapting the PSHE curriculum to help prevent such events from occurring in the future?

It would perhaps be fair to say that within the curriculum itself, more emphasis needs to be placed on being a model citizen and a good member of the community.

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