Kate Hay

Kate Hay

Kate works for SISRA, a web-based performance analysis tool for secondary schools.

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Mention the dreaded ‘D’ word in the staff room and many teachers will suddenly remember, ‘oh yes, there’s a pile of marking I must do… right now!’. It clears the room almost as quickly as the afternoon bell on the last day of summer term.

A slight exaggeration maybe, but data should be embraced as it can enhance the performance of both students and school in simple and positive ways – and there are many...

Attendance data is compulsory; it is collected and recorded twice a day, and for the majority of schools this is done electronically on their MIS. Using standard prepared reports from your MIS you can export attendance percentages which, with just a little help, can be transformed into clear, colourful, easily understood graphs. Generate a Year group, Tutor group or House group and so on.

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