David Mitchell

David Mitchell

David Mitchell is an award-winning former headteacher of two schools and now a freelance consultant who is possibly better known by his Twitter name, @DeputyMitchell. David introduced blogging at Heathfield Primary School, resulting in a dramatic impact on standards. Writing SATS level 5 scores at the end of Key Stage 2 rose from 9% to 60% in just 12 months with each child in Year 6 making on average double the expected progress for the last three years. In 2011, David founded QuadBlogging which has now seen over 500,000 pupils from 55 countries take part. David’s mission is to get as many teachers as possible using exciting and inspiring Web2.0 tools to engage learners of all ages.

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I love reading books, but fiction is a turn-off for many children. Lovingly crafted, descriptive paragraphs and character profiles have no relevance to their lives, and many are not interested. One of the problems is that fiction is long. Children are absent, miss a class and then are set to pick apart a paragraph on page 238. It doesn't work.

Tuesday, 04 March 2014 10:01

Giving students a global audience

Plenty of pupils love to write - why wouldn’t they? However, many of the UK’s schoolchildren have what David Mitchell, deputy head of Heathfield Primary School, aren’t getting anywhere near the audience that they should be.

As published in the September 2013 edition of our magazine.

After a grueling week with your wonderful Year 6 class surpassing their non-chronological reports, you think you have aced it! They have chosen their topic of choice, and it’s 10:50am on a Friday – it’s BIG writing time! The candle is burning… or more realistically, the interactive whiteboard is displaying the faint flicker of a candle flame. If you silence the class, you can hear the calming tones of Mozart tickling away at thought processes. It’s then, just as the children pick up their Big Writing pens that you utter those important words: “Don’t forget... consider your audience!”

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