Mike Gunn

Mike Gunn

Mike Gunn is Head of the nationally-recognised Creative Arts Faculty at Finham Park School in Coventry. He has been seconded to the leadership team to implement the strategy for a whole-school roll-out of BYOD, taking responsibility for strategy, infrastructure, trialling teaching and learning through mobile technology, and staff training. He has shared his expertise at Teachmeets and CPD conferences around the country, and blogs (reasonably) regularly about his work herePerhaps less believably, he is also a t'ai chi and kung fu master of some 20 years. So it's worth paying attention!

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Teachers who have been entrenched in their classes for years still seek out innovative edtech to assist their work. Educators moving to a new environment, therefore, are likely to want to know about what’s available for their specific needs so that they can get a running start. Hot on the heels of his Media teacher’s iPad piece, Mike Gunn discusses the best technology for supporting new teachers.

Being a new teacher can be daunting. To be honest, even when you've taught for many years, a move to a new school can make you feel almost entirely like a beginner again. The nature of teacher is that students listen when they respect you, and rarely before that point. Your job as the teacher is to establish high expectations, behaviour boundaries, and what I used to call ‘the deal’: "You guys work hard, and I'll make your learning worthwhile and engaging".

Tuesday, 27 May 2014 13:12

The Media teacher's iPad

Media teachers have a plethora of technology available for use in their duties, but which tablet to use? Finham Park School’s Head of Creative Arts Mike Gunn shares why he lives and dies by the iPad when it comes to media studies.

As an advocate of BYOD, I've always talked to colleagues about the benefits of different devices and approaches within a "mixed economy" digital learning space (or "classroom where everyone's phone is different”, as it's more commonly known). Largely, what you want to do should dictate the type of device you use, and I'm quite happy to work in a multi-device environment. Until I walk into my Media classroom.

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