Kate Barton

Kate Barton

Kate Barton has been a school librarian for 9 years and has worked with a number of different literacy intervention schemes. After discovering Renaissance Learning’s Accelerated Reader (AR) software and its benefits, she trained as an Accredited Renaissance Consultant (ARC) to help other schools as they went through their own learning curves. Working more closely with the software triggered curiosity about the core offering of AR, the reading practice quizzes, and not so long ago she trained to become a quiz writer. She now crafts numerous quizzes for Renaissance Learning every year, each quiz a labour of love.

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014 10:00

Quandaries of the quiz writer

What can bespoke quizzes offer the classroom? School librarian and trained quiz writer Kate Barton discusses how best to go about creating these activities for your classroom.

For over six years I’ve used an educational software program which quizzes school students on books they have read. The quizzes are designed to measure to what extent readers have understood the books, and ensure that their choices are both enjoyable and suitably challenging for them.

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