Dr. Debra Kidd

Dr. Debra Kidd

Dr. Debra Kidd taught for 21 years at all phases of education, and only left this year in order to try to make as much noise as possible in order to effect change for the teaching profession and for children. Her book, Teaching: Notes from the Frontline, is a call to arms, asking teachers to reclaim their profession and to become pedagogical activists in the classroom. She is an Associate for the RSA, for Independent Thinking and for the International Schools Theatre Association. She is the co-founder of the Northern Rocks education conference and works with schools across the world.

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Some time ago, the school I was working in decided to move to longer lessons in order to allow more time for in-depth learning, and to solve some practical problems related to rooming and movement around the school. Initially, these lessons became doubles – two hours – and eventually, the school moved to a three lesson day of 1hr 50 mins per lesson. Many schools are doing the same thing. The problem, though, is that you can’t just roll two lessons into one. You have to start rethinking the way you conceptualise a lesson from start to finish.

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