Kamil Trzebiatowski

Kamil Trzebiatowski

Kamil Trzebiatowski is a secondary EAL coordinator in Kingston-upon-Hull – with 16 years’ English language teaching experience in England, Scotland and Poland. In April 2015, he organised a very successful EAL TeachMeet in Hull (@HullEALTM). He makes numerous appearances at a range of TeachMeet events across the country (eg @TeachMeetLondon), helping build language / EAL teaching awareness in schools by advising mainstream teachers on distinct EAL pedagogy. His blog, Valuing and Protecting Diversity, is dedicated to raising awareness of issues of racial and cultural diversity and content and language integrated learning. Kamil is a serious networker, dedicated to collaborating with other professionals.

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15 / 07 / 2015, Diana’s diary entry (EAL student, arrived two years ago from Latvia):

“In period 1 today we do History and Mr Smith asked us to write happen on the day when World War 2 start in 1939. That was quite easy, actually. It was fun looking at the pictures and writing little sentences about what went on. After tutor, in period 2, it is Maths, and we do something named word problems. They are small stories and we answer with numbers. But Miss Brooke said they are like stories – so why do her problems say, “Molly buys 6 CDs” and not “Molly bought”? I don’t get it! And then in Science we did about metals, but I don’t understand. Mr Hutchinson talked about “is done” and “is made” and “are formed”, but why is he using two verbs? – this is nonsense!”

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