Ayrton Cable, nine-year-old grandson of Sir Vince Cable, has co-founded a new chain of ‘change-maker’ schools in Africa. EnSo is a chain of low-cost private schools in the developing world that will provide high-quality education and affordable essentials (food, water, energy, health and hygiene). The organisation brings together four award-winning and technology-driven companies, already operating in east Africa and other parts of the developing world. Together, they hope to positively impact the lives of 500 million people over the next 25 years.

My dream of teaching abroad in some capacity started at the age of 17, if not earlier, as I sat in an assembly watching images of school pupils in Africa and seeing how little they had. The speaker showed children talking about how much they wanted to go to school, teachers talking about doing their best and enjoying teaching the children, but knowing that they hadn’t had sufficient training to be able to help their pupils more.

I flew for the first time at the age of seven, and have never looked back. The fact that my parents had decided to holiday abroad was a chance to catch the rays and learn the lingo. What they did not know, however, was that our family dynamic would change forever. We were to travel from Romford to France by bus - yes, bus! From Romford market we would spend approximately 20 hours snaking our way across southern England collecting other eager families before finally boarding the ferry to France. What people often fail to mention is that travel was extremely different in the 1980s - the bus had no air conditioning and never a toilet.

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