When today’s young people leave education, they are likely to face stiff competition to get to that first rung on the career ladder. The quality, rounded education that schools deliver is key to preparing their students for a world beyond the classroom. But for a high-achieving school, it can be difficult to continue to raise the bar of achievement. That’s why I was so interested in the novel approach taken by Jerudong International School (JIS) in Brunei, where students are encouraged to drive their own progress.

The value of a school management information system (MIS) isn’t simply for the safe storage of data. Its true value is in the speed at which the data can be accessed and then used to inform decisions - from an individual student, right through to whole-school level. Assessment for learning is perhaps the best example of this.

On the 1st November 2017, Nightingale Primary School in Greenwich joined the Maritime Academy Trust. The school took this opportunity in becoming an Academy to check the edtech market for innovative solutions which could help them move forward into the new era.

With new data protection regulations coming into force in May 2018, all organisations, including schools, will need to rethink how they manage personal data in order to comply fully. GDPR, or the General Data Protection Regulation, is designed to bring data protection up-to-date and provide greater protection to the individual. This will place more onerous requirements on schools to manage data well and more rigorously than current regulations permit. Penalties have also increased, making this a critical issue that cannot be swept under the carpet.

Ireland’s number one online payment app for schools has officially launched in the UK this week. Way2Pay is an income collection system designed for schools wherein parents can make payments via their mobile phones, and is the first ‘pay by text’ system designed specifically to cater for the education sector in the UK and Ireland. To celebrate this British launch, the company are holding a competition, with £500 and free software as the prize.

Imagine the advantages of being able to map a gifted student’s journey through your school and identifying key lessons which can be passed on to other individuals. Consider also what impact nipping minor sixth form attendance issues in the bud might have on students’ progress. Well, here at Rainey Endowed, we have discovered that making better use of technology can help us to deliver results in many different ways.

We are a successful secondary school based in Magherafelt, County Londonderry and have been graded ‘very good’ by the Education and Training Inspectorate. Yet up until six years ago, the method we were using to record academic, extra curricula and pastoral information for all 720 of our students was far from adequate.

Following extensive research and development and a hugely successful year for current users, the school website design specialist that has received rave reviews from headteachers across the country has recently expanded its horizons with a unique online college application system.

Schudio offers an excellent option for colleges and academies looking to effectively manage their applications and provide prospective students with a reliable, flexible application form they can quickly complete.

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