Reports of budget cuts for school building programmes have left most teachers struggling away in the same old classroom environments. Many existing classrooms do not offer the best conditions for teaching in or learning. Our stock of existing classrooms might be tired and requiring attention, but they do not need to be second-rate environments.

It is extremely powerful to change classrooms in order to reflect the kind of learning that is taking place at the time. So, for example, they become art studios during creative units, science labs during scientific units, museums during historical ones and so on. Students should be encouraged to think about how their physical space can enhance learning and how it can be adapted to help them do their best.

What is the purpose of a door? Is it to define a space that is ours, affording us privacy of thought and deed, allowing us to keep things safe from would-be thieves and prying eyes? Or is it something more utilitarian and practical: a piece of material designed to keep the cold out and the warmth in?

Classroom doors fulfil all these functions, and probably a good few more. If we open them, or remove them altogether (with some walls for good measure) we risk losing some of the things we hold most dear, because however you look at it, doors represent a barrier. You can hide a multitude of sins behind a closed-door, but also a wealth of good practice and opportunity…

Laptops are fantastic learning tools, but it is no secret that mobile devices can pose issues for schools when it comes to managing and deploying equipment. Although laptop trolleys were created to resolve these problems, it is still important to have an action plan in place to get the most from your mobile ICT.

To make organising your school’s ICT equipment that little bit easier, I’ve put together some short tips on how to manage laptop trolleys and laptops in the classroom.

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