Young parents are the most likely to continue homeschooling their children despite schools reopening, new research has revealed.

It is a natural sentiment for parents to want the best for their children and many who have entered the teaching profession have done so because of their love of children.

Home schooling may just be the right option for those who are looking out for better schooling strategies. Homeschooling is nothing but parent-directed education. It can take place in any part of your home, anytime. Many parents who have opted for this find numerous ways of homeschooling by taking their children to various locations for taking classes like the library, museums, field trips and any other place related to their curriculum. Many parents choose this type of schooling for various reasons like schooling environment, religious and moral implications and academics.

Reasons for homeschooling

According to a recent study, about 85% of the parents were really concerned about the public school environment. The worries were related to bullies, drugs, gangs etc. About 72% of them wanted to provide moral and religious education. And some 68% of them were not satisfied with the academic instruction offered in public schools. There are several other reasons too like wanting to get their children interested in other fields like movies, avoid the company of bad teachers, parents work schedule and avoid assignments related to porn or using the internet etc.

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