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Timetabling is complex. Schools need smart timetabling. Edval is No. 1 in Australia, and growing fast globally. Built with heuristic algorithms from university-level research. Savings over £100k pa/school have been demonstrated in several case studies. Edval’s smart algorithms improve staffing and rooming, and can directly lift education quality. Edval grants more student subject requests in option blocks than other methods. Timetables can be done in days, not weeks. Edval: Transforming schools through smarter timetabling! Facebook:

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Images courtesy of supplier. Images courtesy of supplier.

When did you last review your timetabling software, or school practices when it comes the complex area of scheduling? Chris Ellison, deputy headteacher at Kennet School in Thatcham (whose old timetable can be seen above), discusses how his school saved £300k - and a lot of hassle! - with Edval:

“We contracted Edval to assist us generating our school timetable, and to help us make efficiency savings in our staffing. My experience working collaboratively with Edval was very positive, and there were a number of notable successes in the resultant timetable:

  • We reduced our annual staffing bill by around £300k through tighter and more efficient timetabling.
  • We have previously run many KS5 classes outside our school day due to timetabling constraints. Since using Edval, we have virtually eliminated the need for classes to run after school.
  • Edval enabled us to both match departmental requirements more closely and to ‘tailor’ timetables based on HoD requests and emerging needs (eg maternity cover and changing part time requirements).
  • Part time hours and tight staffing often require KS3 classes to be split between two teachers. Edval enabled us to manage splits more effectively, sometimes eliminating them, to provide more stable learning experiences for pupils.

Chris Ellison and his SLT colleagues create their new, Edval-tastic timetable

“Over the last two years of writing the timetable at Kennet, I have been very impressed with both the Edval software and the support we have received. It is a tough task to improve the quality of a timetable whilst making significant financial savings, but the consultants who worked with our school helped to deliver incredible results. In future years, we aim to maintain our current staffing level and so the financial savings made will be annual.

“We appreciate Edval’s assistance on this project. I can certainly recommend them to other schools who seek to achieve these sorts of positive outcomes.”

Compatible with SIMS / NovaT6 and others, Edval is a major vendor in Australia, and with client schools in nine countries now, including the UK. These innovators offer advanced timetable software, consulting, and timetable audit services.

The Edval team

For a free timetable audit, or to learn more about innovating your school through timetabling, contact [email protected] / 07595 024251 or visit www.edval.education.

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