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Nordic companies have exploded onto the global EdTech scene in recent years. The two inspiration articles accompanying this EdTech Guide seek to explore why Nordic EdTech companies are so innovative, and why Nordic schools are implementing EdTech so successfully. What is crystal clear is that there are so many Nordic EdTech stars. Here are ten that we keep hearing about for lots of exciting reasons.

1. Kide Science

Purchase price varies | Customer rating: 5/5 (6 reviews) | Edtech Impact scores:

nordic kide

Kide Science prides itself on providing ‘adventures for little scientists’ and applies a world-class, research-based pedagogical model from Finland for early science education for 3-to-8 year-olds. The licensing model for educators is complemented with training, lesson plans, peer support and engagement for families. Each session is pre-planned for you, and you’ll get clear step-by-step instructions (text, pictures, videos) through online before starting the session. This means that teachers can focus on working with their pupils to provide wondrous science experiences.

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2. Kognity

Purchase price: £10 per user annually | Customer rating: 4.5/5 (24 reviews) | Edtech Impact scores:

nordic kognity

Swedish company Kognity combines pedagogy, exam board aligned GCSE content, and its unique learning platform to help improve student outcomes and teacher efficiency. Through Kognity's cloud-based intelligent textbooks, students learn in a more engaged way through interactive content, automated feedback on their individual needs, and exam prep through an integrated practice centre. For teachers, Kognity significantly reduces admin through automatically corrected assignments and individual student statistics, which allow them to offer a more scalable personalised learning experience to their classes.

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3. Lexplore

Lexplore uses AI, machine learning and scientific research to identify children's reading and writing difficulties, so that schools can intervene at an early stage. In just 2 minutes, you get a clear view of a student’s reading level and recommendations for instruction. Thanks to eye tracking, this unique high tech process even provides fluency data for silent reading. The product also offers a clear picture of children’s general ability to read and write in a specific school. The method was developed by Mattias Nilsson Benfatto and Gustaf Öqvist Seimyr, scientists at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden and founders of Lexplore.

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4. Eduten Playground

Purchase price: 80p per user per month | Customer rating: 5/5 (1 review) | Edtech Impact scores:

nordic eduten

Eduten Playground is an adaptive, AI-based learning platform. It provides scientifically proven improvement to learning outcomes, student motivation and teacher happiness. It includes comprehensive maths content for ages 6-15 that has been co-designed and refined over the years with thousands of Finnish teachers.

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5. DigiExam

DigiExam came out of Sweden’s mission is to deliver an efficient exam solution to help support and develop the education sector. Initially, back in 2011, the idea for DigiExam came from students suffering from writer’s cramp when taking exams with pen and paper. Back then no school or university carried out exams digitally and that was the starting point for their innovative new product. Fast-forward to 2019, and they take great pride in the fact that more than 10.000 students take exams with DigiExam every single day.

6. Sensavis

Also founded in Sweden, Sensavis empowers educators by supplying a tool that makes it easy to visualise the abstract and explain the complex. The software is flexible, interactive, and doesn’t force the teacher to use any specific terminology since it does not contain text or voice-overs. The tool contains biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, geography, and engineering modules. It is a great example of EdTech being used when it is simply the best tool to deliver the teaching and enable the learning.

7. Seppo

nordic seppo

Finnish ‘native’ Seppo is an innovative tool for creating educational games. The teacher can choose the game setting, so it can be played in the school premises, in the city centre or in a field trip location. The map of the selected area works as a game board. The teacher creates the game tasks, which the students solve in teams using mobile devices. During the game the teacher monitors the game, assesses the answers submitted by the teams and gives feedback. Seppo's game pedagogy is to teach in a way that inspires and motivates students. It gets players on the move, which also makes the brain work better.

8. 3D Bear

3D Bear believe that one day soon, children will design and make their own toys. They believe in a future where things will no longer be mass-produced, stored, nor transported long distances. Their mission is to help empower students to achieve this world which will conserve resources and nature, and consequently make the world a better place to live in. 3D Bear, from Finland, does this by teaching children the fundamentals of 3D modelling, AR, 3D printing, and robotics. To further enhance the immersive experience, they harness virtual and augmented reality. Their approach is not driven by technology, but by people. They put the student in the spotlight.

9. Mightifier

Character strengths are abilities that every 21st century student needs! With the help of Mightifier, students learn self-regulation, compassion, perspective, gratitude, bravery, creativity and other fundamental future skills. Using character strengths affects positively to holistic well-being, motivation and learning. Even recognizing your character strengths is empowering! Mightifier’s strength-based curriculum makes it easy for a teacher to educate their class about character strengths.

10. Lyfta

Last up but certainly not least is Finland’s Lyfta, an exciting subscription based digital platform where teachers and pupils can access immersive storyworlds and curriculum-based lesson and assembly plans. Lyfta's theme-based learning experiences are ideal for teaching Literacy, PSHE, Global Citizenship and Art, as well as fostering values and skills such as empathy, self-direction and critical thinking. Lyfta's stories are beautifully crafted interactive worlds that children can explore on computers and tablets, allowing schools to teach global citizenship with immersive human stories.

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