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30 terrific edu-tweeters you should follow

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Given the popularity of our previous Twitter lists, the social media platform is clearly a great way for educators to connect. Be it between Slough and Glasgow, or Anaheim and Manila, Twitter lets teachers talk about work, life and everything in real-time. Resources, tips and support are constantly up for grabs, so following the right people is imperative. Here are 30 people we’d recommend adding to your list.

Note: this is by no means a ‘best-of’, and the order is random.

1. @DavidMcQueen - David McQueen is an educator of seemingly-unlimited inspiration. His feed provides laughs, fist-pumps and great ideas.

2. @vicgoddard - Known by many as the star of Educating Essex, author Vic Goddard is principal at Passmores Academy and works with Independent Thinking.

3. @buffyjhamilton - Buffy J. Hamilton’s duel role as teacher/librarian sees her tweeting great ideas on literacy, teaching challenges, testing and more.

4. @feedtheteacher - EFL teacher Giselle Santos is a Google certified innovator. She tweets in both English and Portuguese, offering edu-aid to a staggering amount of teachers.

5. @PaulGarvey4 - Paul Garvey’s hugely positive Twitter feed is a great example of why teachers survive through thick and thin. Ideas, collaboration and smilies abound.

6. @jillberry102 - A real leader in the UK education sector, Jill Berry is a consultant, former head and a supporter of WomenEd. Her speciality is SLT.

7. @heyjudeonline - “Educator, learner, blogger, librarian, and technology girl playing in higher education” - the prolific Judy O'Connell’s bio says it all.

8. @aleshabishop - San Francisco is the home to a lot of amazing innovation, so Alesha Bishop must fit right in. Her tweets are a marriage of education tips and good humour - Richard Hendricks meets Erlich Bachman.

9. @ICTEvangelist - We tend to get in trouble with our readers for leaving Mark Anderson out of these lists. Edtech expert, uber-consultant and IMS Advisory Board member (no bias…), he might just be the leading voice in the UK’s education community - sorry, Ms Morgan.

10. @alicekeeler - Alice Keeler knows a lot about a lot, but her speciality is Google’s place in teaching and learning. She even wrote a book about it: 50 Things You Can Do With Google Classroom.

11. @j_allen - A frequent voice on #nebedchat, Josh Allen is a good follow if you want to know about edtech and digital resources to help with pupil engagement.

12. @cjabracher - Supercool Primary teacher Claire Bracher’s feed is a great way to find out about collaboration, meet-ups, discussion and T&L throughout the UK.

13. @sjunkins - If you want insight via highly-sharable memes, Sean Junkins is your man. An instructional coach, he’s an aficionado on both Apple and Google for education.

14. @bashaierk - Bashaer Kilani is a global education consultant focusing on the likes of elearning, leadership, computing and pedagogy. She frequently takes part in #edchatMENA.

15. @MichaelT1979 - Primary deputy Michael Tidd is a politically-savvy TES columnist committed to sticking up for, and thoroughly championing, his peers at every turn.

16. @Miss_Snuffy - A tremendously sunny voice in the British education scene, Katharine Birbalsingh is particularly passionate about “justice for the poor, freedom from the state, truth on race”.

17. @MissKingsley85 - As of writing, Amy Kingsley is still undefeated as the author of our most popular article. Indeed, her articles always go down a glittery storm.

18. @timbuckteeth - Steve Wheeler is an author, teacher, speaker and ‘edu-punk’. He presents to and works with teachers around the world for pedagogic success.

19. @TechAngieAriza - TED-Ed Club facilitator Angie Ariza has a passion for creativity in the classroom, and is excited to see how pupils can use edtech to this effect.

20. @tombennett71 - Chair of the DfE’s Behaviour group, Tom Bennett offers tweeting teachers a mix of education news, classroom ideas and wry humour.

21. @tucksoon - Kwan Tuck Soon’s role as senior educational technology officer in Singapore’s Ministry of Education allows him to tweet about a variety of classroom matters.

22. @pivotalpaul - A behaviour specialist, Paul Dix wealth of knowledge helps him to juggle the roles of Pivotal Education CEO, podcaster and speaker.

23. @TheHeadsOffice - Retired headteacher Julia Skinner travels the land spreading inspiration to teachers and school leaders. She founded the 100 Word Challenge.

24. @ICT_MrP - Want a steady stream of teaching resources? Make sure you’re following Lee Parkinson. He creates them frequently, alongside his training sessions and Primary teaching.

25.@8Amber8 - Texan Elementary principal Amber Teamann has a particular interest in technology integration. She blogs via Love, Learn, Lead.

26. @misskyritsis - Eleni Kyritsis is a master-collaborator with a penchant for fun-driven learning. An IB PYP teacher, she hosts TeachTechPlay and created the Genius Hour Fair.

27. @nataliehscott - Not just a great teacher in the UK, Natalie Scott is involved with a philanthropic effort to bring first-rate education to the French refugee populace. You can read more at nataliehscott.wordpress.com.

28. @lynhilt - Lyn Hilt is an Elementary education instructional tech integrator and coach, boasting knowledge from a career as a K-6 principal. Her feed produces top reads often.

29. @PhilBeadle - How to Teach Literacy and Rules for Mavericks author Phil Beadle is a terrific go-to for all things literacy, SPAG, behaviour management and teacher humour.

30. @VipulaSharma1 - Vipula Sharma doesn’t just put her own great (and often EAL-oriented) ideas out to tweeters; she’s also passionate about sharing inspiration wherever possible.

Whom would you recommend? Get on the Disqus comments below and share your suggestions!

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