21st May: Teachers heading to Leicester for practice-based research workshop

MirandaNet Fellowship

The MirandaNet Fellowship is a non profit organisation of global educators engaged in a variety of research and continuing professional development projects. The original MirandaNet site was built up over many years and continues to be maintained as a live archive. The MirandaNet Fellowship offers professionals engaged with digital technologies a means of informal networking and professional development as well as opportunities for research and consultancy.

Website: www.mirandanet.ac.uk Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Saturday 21st May will see teachers, school leaders and education product developers head to Leicester’s De Montfort University to plan a research and development strategy. The MirandaNet iCatalyst workshop is an opportunity for teachers, leaders, researchers and MirandaNet associates to work together on professional development strategies to implement innovation in teaching and learning and improve achievement. It will be held at the University’s Innovation Centre from 10:30 - 17:00, with tickets priced at £57.90 per attendee.

Events will be kicked off by an introduction from MirandaNet founder Professor Christina Preston and Sarah Malone, research development manager at De Montfort University. Throughout the rest of the day, attendees will enjoy insights from Bernard Dady of Gaia Technologies, Sally Lanni and Gareth Hancox (Pheasey Park Farm Primary School, Walsall), MirandaNet gurus Dominic Preston, Rachel Jones and David Longman, plus many more.

“This will be an innovative space for teachers, researchers and companies to enjoy interactive exchanges and networking,” said Dr Sarah Younie, reader in Education, Innovation and Technology at De Montfort University.

In the morning, teachers who have already worked as co-researchers will discuss their findings from recent MirandaNet reports that show how education products have raised attainment and achievement in their schools, enhanced professional development programmes and provided evidence for Ofsted and Pupil Premium. During the afternoon’s events, delegates will break into groups to plan action research projects that will provide practitioners with new ideas for bringing innovations into the classroom. Working with developers and researchers, educators will also be able to influence educational product design in order to meet their teaching and learning needs.

Professor Christina Preston said: "We are really excited to bring together teacher led research, CPD and innovation. MirandaNet members will talk through their practical experience, what they have learnt and how they have implemented effective changes from their research projects.

"Through the sharing of the findings from these projects, teachers can develop and share best practice. Teacher-driven research and results can really help manage change and practice in schools to maximise the impact of new technologies."

A panel led by David Longman will examine how CPD needs can be addressed, strategies by which schools can use evidence to enhance learning and teaching, as well as methods of marketing the collated evidence to boost school profiles.

For those looking to connect with others, delegates can also attend a networking dinner the night before, where attendees and event leaders can discuss the following day’s concerns. A post-workshop supper will be available for anyone staying after 5pm on the 21st, and local accommodation is offered at a discounted rate.

Visit www.mirandanet.ac.uk or call 07714 204 514 for more information.

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