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The Edtech Podcast is soon to reach its 100th episode. The mission statement of the programme is to improve the dialogue between ‘ed’ and ‘tech’ through storytelling, so that better innovation can be achieved in education. So, what have we got coming up to help give you that confidence boost for the year ahead?

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1. What is AI and what has it got to do with me and my students?

In this episode, I speak with Denis Hurley, the director of future technologies at Pearson, plus special guests from the field of AI in education. We look at what AI is and what it is not. How do students already use AI in their day to day lives and study, and what generates fear? With world leaders discussing AI in common parlance, this episode will be a great opportunity to get up to speed with the implications of AI in the classroom.

2. Using design thinking to affect change in your school

This episode features Sandy Speicher, managing director at Ideo Education Practice, looking at design thinking for education (Ideo is a global design company incorporating designers, entrepreneurs, engineers, teachers, researchers, and more). Listen in if you want help on how to affect change within your school through clever design. We also talk about Mona Lisa Kitsch.

3. On efficacy, impact and you

This episode features 1:1 interviews with Tom Bennett, director and founder of ResearchED, and Bart Epstein, founding CEO of Jefferson Education Accelerator, looking at evidence-based education, why you shouldn't attempt to be a researcher, and why accreditation isn't the answer in the complicated world of education! It features top tips and book recommendations for how to support a more evidence-based approach to teaching and learning within your school, as well as identifying more efficacious technology suppliers.

4. Imagine (a world without tested assessment)

This episode features 1:1 interviews with Dr Kristen DiCerbo, vice-president of education research at Pearson, plus special guests Dr Valerie Shute, the Mack and Effie Campbell Tyner-Endowed professor of education at the Educational Psychology and Learning Systems Department, Florida State University. Dr Shute looks at how we might get around the tick-box exercise of exams and tests, whilst also measuring ‘progress’. Can ‘tests’ be fun and should they be? How do we measure collaboration?

5. Edtech and School Improvement

This episode features a whole raft of former senior leaders and teachers turned edtech entrepreneurs, asking the big questions on how edtech and schools might work together to save teacher time, lower administration and recruitment costs, and help with complex assessment. Guests include Mark Dorling, educator and founder of the Digital Schoolhouse project, and Tracy Goodway, head of school improvement at EES for Schools. This episode is great for new ideas and critical thinking on picking up relevant, low-cost and high-impact edtech for your school.

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