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Gener8 build easy to use, engaging, immersive teaching environments on reliable technology. We have a passion for education, customer service, design and technology but like to keep things simple and build long lasting relationships. We are part of the GD Group who have been specialising in innovation in education for many years.

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As technology advances and information comes in so many new forms each year, the challenge to obtain engagement and interest, as well as ensuring suitable absorption of facts, becomes much greater.

Teachers with younger children may have seen them using skills from home to swipe a book or PC screens, or see them laughing at a wired mouse. Expectations to engage with new and interesting technology routinely found at home increases. How would students laugh at the thought of the school TV being wheeled in, with five minutes being taken to rewind a large cassette before everyone could gather around? This image gives you a clear idea of how far we have come in only a few years!

EdTech can be amazing, but the key is that there must be real improvement. Technology in and of itself cannot be a straight substitute for an existing resource (eg an iPad to read is of limited improvement, if any, over a book). The Edgar Dale Cone of Experience gives a great reminder of the pedagogy associated with this, and is an important part of the philosophy behind our own Gener8 Spaces.

According to Edgar Dale, after a two week period, people generally remember only up to 50% of what they see or hear. That includes watching videos, exhibits and demonstrations – even a modern classroom with interactive whiteboards may be limited to this. That figure drops to a staggering 10% if learning is from reading alone.

By immersing and involving students in their learning, creating simulations of times and events, enhancing role play, or even creating a real experience, that figure is increased to 90%. In addition, learners are able to enhance their performance by being better able to use what they learn in more sophisticated ways such as deeper analysis, creation and evaluation.

Gener8 Spaces give you a new and inspiring environment to achieve this. This is done through a very easy-to-use, flexible, interactive, high-definition room. The Space can be used across the curriculum, for pastoral issues, reward and recognition, as well as a staff training room and revenue generator for school events. They can be installed into existing classrooms, or even into old storage spaces. We regularly get feedback about the surprising value of our spaces and the genuine support we provide.

Take a look around a room in 360° and watch a demo or real lesson on our website or YouTube channel (pan by dragging with your mouse or by moving your mobile device):

YouTube link

We would love to welcome you and your SLT to come and take a look at one of our UK partner schools and talk to the teachers already using our Spaces, or visit our Manchester showroom. We can demonstrate the Space alongside other items, such as VR, so you can appreciate the impact of a Gener8 room alongside alternatives.

To learn more, or come and try the experience with no obligation, please contact us on 0161 694 5888 or [email protected]

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