WWF to share healthy-eating resources with UK schools


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New survey results released by WWF-UK have revealed that 85% of parents of Primary school age children are willing to change their family diet to help protect the environment. However, only 13% of parents are currently taking steps to improve their impact, with a lack of information on the subject holding many of them back. This new survey has encouraged the organisation to launch a new Plant2Plate campaign for 2016.

The survey’s results, accumulated from 500 UK parents and their children aged 7 - 12 earlier this month, show that 91% of parents and 92% of children agree that it is important that the food people eat and the way that it is grown should not damage the environment. On top of this, 52% of parents state that if they had greater knowledge of how to eat sustainably, they would happily take steps to do so.

Of those surveyed, 77% of children say that school is the biggest source of learning about food, and 39% of parents say they learn from their family. Acting on this data, WWF-UK is launching the Plant2Plate campaign to help support schools, parents and children to consume and produce food in a sustainable way.

Throughout 2016, the Plant2Plate campaign will provide schools with free resources based on WWF's Livewell principles - a set of easy-to-follow guidelines that will encourage better food choices - from eating more vegetables and plant-based food, consuming meat in moderation, and wasting less food.

The survey results also showed that although 53% of children had tried growing vegetables at home, only 25% had grown vegetables at school. Plant2Plate is aiming to encourage all schools to try growing, whether on the windowsill or a small area outside. Through the project, green-fingered children can get involved with schemes to grow fruit and vegetables at school, using WWF's free resources such as the 'Growing food at school: beginner's guide' and the 'Growing guide calendar'.


Visit www.wwf.org.uk/plant2plate or contact [email protected] for more information.

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