Bashaer Al Kilani

Bashaer Al Kilani

Bashaer Al Kilani is an experienced education leader and holds a Masters degree in Educational Leadership. She has worked as an instructional supervisor, curriculum developer and is currently an IT lecturer in Higher Education. During her engagement in the education field, she has designed and implemented development strategies on departmental and district levels. She is fully engaged in e learning, as she worked on initiating and developing a K-12 e-curriculum for ICT. She has worked as a trainer on a district level on how to develop e-learning materials and how to integrate ICT efficiently in education. This experience was enriched even more when she worked in one to one e-learning environment and is currently using simulation-based learning methods with her students.


Bashaer’s current research interests include e-learning, blended learning, MOOCs, simulation-based learning and educational leadership. As a connected educator, she is the founder of #edchatMENA, an education chat that is dedicated to connect educators in MENA region among themselves and globally. Bashaer believes that education should be transformed not reformed.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2017 11:00

How to develop effective edtech integration

We are living in the era of innovation where innovative minds are the determinants of their nations’ futures. 21st century learners should acquire the needed skills for the projected innovation era that is emerging. Education nowadays is confronted, like never before, by the challenge that is how to prepare learners for a relatively unpredictable future. With the ubiquitous impact that technology has, educators hold hope that this impact will be the silver bullet for the aspired education reform. However, the integration of technology in learning is still undergoing a renovation process.

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