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Jesse Frank

Jesse Frank is an advocate for children’s online safety and digital parenting who works at KidGuard as a creative content manager. He is dedicated to share knowledge for parents about healthy digital family environment. His personal mission is to help and increase awareness for people to become better digital citizens.

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A set of tools for keeping your family safe online and teaching your children how to become better digital citizens.

KidGuard’s mission is to educate and bring awareness to parents about what they need to know about online safety for their children. Here’s a list of guides all about protecting children while using the internet and technology, a great read for parents and educators alike.

1. Parents’ Survival Guide to Online Safety
A compilation of articles about online safety and technical support to have better digital parenting skills. One of our top articles from this guide is “Why Open Communication with Our Kids Is More Vital Now Than Ever”, a starter article to help parents talk to their children and its know-how.

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2. Guide for Child Protection
Children being online is a growing risk, and every parent can’t help but imagine the worst scenario that could happen to their child. This guide discusses more in-depth topics such as "Social Media & Kidnapping", offering facts about child abduction cases and types of scams occurring in the cyber world.

3. Parental Control Guide
Restricting childrens’ access to technology is theoretically the best way to protect them from the risks, but how can you handle it properly without invading their privacy? KidGuard gives parents a guide full of articles on apps they can consider to use to help control their children’s online activity.

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4. Background Check Guide
We teach our children to never talk to strangers because they represent danger, but how do you teach them about facing online strangers? This guide offers tips on ensuring the safety and security of your clients, employees and even your loved ones.

5. Guide to Technology
Many busy adults are not able to keep up with the rapid growth of technology development; KidGuard offers much needed information on the complex world of technologies for parents.

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