Elena Diaz

Elena Diaz

Elena Díaz is an experienced Head of MFL, Research Lead, Associate Consultant and a Specialist Leader in Education who has held a variety of pastoral and academic positions in schools across the Northeast. She is an author and presenter and has worked with Pixl, Seneca Learning, Quizlet and the Association of Language Learning. She currently works full time at the NELT Bedlington Academy in Northumberland and acts as an Associate Consultant for Durham Education. 

I remember observing proper teachers in my training year and feeling immensely frustrated that they seemed to achieve excellent classroom behaviour without having to move a finger. Students would come in, settle down quickly, show interest in the lesson and never test the boundaries. They were both docile and inquisitive. The teacher, in the meantime, would never have to raise their voice or apply consequences. They all seemed to have a ‘magic touch’ that students responded to. I realise now, after many years in the classroom, that it wasn’t magic I was witnessing, but a lot of subtle and very skillful behaviour-management techniques.

Thursday, 08 October 2020 12:58

10 ways to get students to remember more

You're all busy people, so this is a quick summary of the techniques I use to get my students to remember more of what they know. The reason why they work so well is, I believe, because I use them all, all the time. 

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