James Hopkins

James Hopkins

Having taught and led ICT in a challenging area in North London for four years, James Hopkins moved to New Zealand in 2010 and took up an ICT leadership position in a mid-decile school. He then spent two years building technology use and integration throughout the school using a range of short and long-term, personalised professional development programmes. Moving to a decile 10 school in 2012, James undertook the development of Modern Learning Environments and Modern Learning Practice across a variety of year groups. James’ passion lies in MLP and connecting via a variety of social media outlets.

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Tuesday, 25 October 2016 10:00

To the Moon and back with Google Expeditions

Today I saw something amazing! I watched in awe (and travelled with) a group of 30 students to the moon. Crystal clear, fully immersed and wandering the craters, with colleagues and children next to me sharing their excitement. I am, of course, talking about Google Expeditions. If ever there was a positive retort to the relentless technology bashing in the online world, this is it. Not the visual experience. Not even the chance to see something that most of us will never truly experience in our lifetime. It was the awe and wonder created through the digitally convergent experience. It has been many years since I’ve seen the spark in the eyes of EVERY child in the room (after they’d removed their Google Cardboard glasses, of course).

Thursday, 06 August 2015 10:00

Using blogs to make learning visible

Visible learning is not just about John Hattie. This is not to take away from Professor Hattie’s research, merely to say that creating visibility around student learning can redefine a learner’s understanding of the world. When in classes facilitating, I often open with the question “Do you know how many people in the world have access to the internet?” to which there are a myriad of guesses from the students. Very few get anywhere near the 3.1 billion internet users suggested by websites such as Internetlivestats.

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