The importance of alcohol education in schools

Drinkaware for Education

Drinkaware for Education is a free, curriculum-linked alcohol education programme designed to support teachers of 9-14 year olds across Primary and Secondary when introducing and developing alcohol awareness. The programme is suitable for PSHE classes, and flexible for teachers to mix and match activities to suit their needs.

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Hot on the heels of this year’s Alcohol Awareness Week (13th- 19th November), alcohol education charity Drinkaware is highlighting the benefits of alcohol education in schools. Research from the charity’s Drinkaware Monitor 2016, in conjunction with Ipsos Mori, found that only one in four young people have received helpful information about alcohol from teachers, and 56% of young people who were drinking said that they drank alcohol to fit in.

Previous studies into the impact of alcohol consumption on young people have also revealed that those who are engaged in excessive or prolonged drinking are more likely to be missing classes. They can also be vulnerable to long-term effects on their memory, and can also risk damaging their friendships, particularly if their consumption level is higher than the rest of their friendship group.

Drinkaware aims to equip young people aged 9-14 with the facts about alcohol to help them understand the risks of underage drinking. The Drinkaware for Education resources, which teachers can use in the classroom, are an important tool in helping to give this information to children and teenagers.

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“Drinkaware’s resources give teachers a head-start in educating children about alcohol and its harms,” said Drinkaware chief executive Elaine Hindal. “They can be used in PSHE classes, and are flexible so that teachers can mix and match activities to suit their students’ needs. Most importantly, they help children to learn about the consequences of drinking alcohol.

“With these resource, teachers can be part of the conversation and download the free resources from the Drinkaware website to help them discuss this important topic with their students.”

Fully accredited by the PSHE Association’s Quality Assurance Mark, and created in collaboration with teachers, the resources include fact sheets, activities and videos. The resources also cover a wide range of subjects for group discussion, from alcohol risks and harms to handling peer pressure.

Drinkaware for Education aims to get young people thinking about the consequences of alcohol. By exploring the risks of alcohol consumption within a classroom setting, schools can promote responsible behaviour and help children and young people to understand some of the risks associated with alcohol.

For more information about Drinkaware for Education, and the free teaching resources, go to:

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