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30 edu-tweeters to follow: Australia and New Zealand

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This is a list of 30 recommended education-oriented Twitter feeds. Note: this is by no means a ‘best-of’, and is in no particular order. The list is comprised of suggestions from the public and our own choices.

1. @ryantracey - Earlier this year, Sydneysider Ryan Tracey kindly sent us a list of Asia-Pacific specific tweeters, some of whom are mentioned here. He is an e‑learning manager, and blogs on E-Learning Provocateur.

2. @DALynch146 - Writing on her blog THEOPOP and a recent addition to the Queensland teaching populace, Danielle Lynch is a Religious Studies teacher from the north of England.

3. @fivefoot3 - Leanne Stubbing is a Wellingtonian with a thorough interest in both education and culture; she often makes excellent points via hashtags such as #vpld2015.

4. @connectedtchr - Simon McKenzie had the good grace to vote for his own place on this list. An Australian with over three decades in education, he’s a fan of iPads, elearning and ancient history.

5. @simoncrook - The man behind CrookEd Science, Simon Crook tweets about scientific wonders on a daily basis, encouraging debate and thinking with real enthusiasm.

6. @MRsalakas - #aussieED founder and Primary teacher Brett Salakas is dedicated to turning pedagogical theory into real classroom practice.

7. @activatelearn - Melbournian Helen Blunden shares a tremendous amount of pedagogic ideas and resources via her active Twitter feed. She aims to make education more human.

8. @AKeenReader - Despite being “slave to a cat”, Philippa Antipas finds the time to be a top contributor to Twitter conversations such as #edchatNZ and #WellyED.

9. @robmctaggart - Rob McTaggart is an #aussieED moderator and Google Certified Teacher; he covers all kinds of edu-areas, but often concentrates on edtech matters.

10. @mythsysizer - Another #aussieED moderator, Nick Brierley is involved with podcasts, writing and presenting. His Twitter feed is a maelstrom of collaboration.

11. @mrjhopkins - Aucklander James Hopkins is a Manaiakalani Outreach facilitator, Google educator and creator of apps. He blogs via on education via ewonderings.

12. @catspyjamasnz - Netherlander Joyce Seitzinger is an edtech expert and networked learner based in Melbourne. She’s passionate about creativity and collaboration in the education community, and founded Academic Tribe.

13. @the_nthdegree - Based in the Bay of Plenty on New Zealand's North Island, Nigel Young tweets include matters such as wellbeing, happiness and inspiration (when not walking up mountains).

14. @mjbuckland - Located in Whangarei, also on the North Island, Mark Buckland is a Primary teacher who seeks knowledge and asks questions, while also getting involved with #kidsedchatnz.

15. @MrMCimino - Sydney resident Marco Cimino tweets about Geography, History, the virtues of teaching, and how to encourage enthusiasm in pupils. He’s also fairly new to Twitter!

16. @tasteach - Sue Wyatt is a retired teacher from Tasmania who, like an educational Michael Corleone, can’t stay away. Aside from her varied Twitter feed, she shares great advice and resources via the Student Blogging Challenge and Xpress360.

17. @SimonYoud - It’s always good to include a Star Wars reference in your Twitter bio, and Tasmanian teacher / PE specialist Simon Youd’s feed follows that series’ enthusiasm and glee. 

18. @bigibila - Wiradjuri teacher Aaron Charles Ellis is particularly passionate about Aboriginal languages. Based in New South Wales, he’s big on sports, visual arts and The Simpsons.

19. @michelleockers - Michelle Ockers connects with tweeters via #EduTECHAU, #pkmchat and #ozlearn. Based in Sydney, she enjoys edu-innovation and roaming the great outdoors with her awesome dog, Zephyr.

20. @aliceleung - Another Sydneysider, Alice Leung is head of Science at Merrylands High School. She blogs about education and technology via aliceleung.net, and is exploring SOLO and PBL.

21. @NixRichards - Nicola Richards is a teacher of Health & PE at St Andrew's College, Christchurch. She’s also keen on engaging classroom resources, ICT, wellbeing, SOLO taxonomy and large amounts of running.

22. @tanyalau - Blogging her wisdom via Explorations in Learning, Tanya Lau is interested in how people learn. She’s always seeking new experiences and chances to experiment in education.

23. @VanessaHiser - English expat Vanessa Hiser is a teacher, academic psychologist, counsellor and netballer. With a feed full of humour and passion for wellbeing and happiness, she too trusts in dogs.

24. @mesterman - History teacher and TeachMeeter Matt Esterman is based in Sydney. He’s the creator of a lifelong learning app, and is an e-learning coordinator at St Scholastica's College in Glebe.

25.@anthsperanza - Anthony Speranza is a real technology enthusiast, excited to see what edtech can do for pupils. He can be found at St. Mark’s Primary School in Dingley, Victoria.

26. @t3aching - Boasting an MEd in Ed Tech, Lorinda Bruce is an e-learning development based in Melbourne. When not snowboarding, she follows a passion for Google apps, e-learning and the asking of questions.

27. @pinklabcoat - Brisbanian Science teacher Rowena Taylor is also relatively new to Twitter. She’s tweets her exciting scientific adventures with edtech, most recently using OneNote.

28. @t_amarasullivan - Also from Brisbane (specifically of Ormiston College), dean of e-learning Tamara Sullivan enjoys working with Microsoft resources such as Minecraft, Office and OneNote.

29. @julielindsay - Working internationally but living in Ocean Shores, Australia, Julie Lindsay is an author, edu-consultant, ICT innovator and “teacherpreneur”. She’s currently completing her EdD with the University of Southern Queensland.

30. @BruceFerrington - Canberran Bruce Ferrington is consistently looking to analyse and improve pedagogic practices, particularly within the field of maths. Lots of fun resources can be found on his feed.

Which Aussies and Kiwis would you consider a must-follow? Let us know below.

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