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“What did you learn at school?” MarvellousMe is a fun and fast way to inspire home conversations about school, and is great for improving learning and character development. The resource engages parents in their children’s learning and character development. It boosts family conversations about school, making it easy for parents to help their children’s education and say: “Well done!”

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Fact: The more families talk positively about school, the better children do. Attendance increases, children’s motivation is higher, and classroom behaviour, happiness and outcomes improve.

Yet schools struggle to connect with parents; to inspire them with the right information, in the right way. An added challenge is engaging working and separated parents, as well as those who are negative or anxious about school, or perhaps lacking self-esteem or interest.

Adrian Burt, a once disengaged dad who took his own measures, shares his story:

Adrian, tell us about your background.

As a working father, I rarely visited my son’s school. I’d arrive home from an hour-long commute and ask Billy what he had done at school, just to get a shrug or meaningless response at best.

His school’s communications were okay, but mainly about general things, reminders, or asking for volunteers or fundraising. Their learning platform was confusing, newsletters wordy, and social media impersonal. Hardly anything to inspire a free-flowing discussion about Billy’s day.

I wanted a conversation starter, to feel more involved with his learning and development. That’s why I built MarvellousMe.

So, what is MarvellousMe?

MarvellousMe is an app that engages parents by giving them high-impact news that is learning-led and praise-led, in an exciting, positive and personal way. It’s a brilliant way to add home reinforcement to school rewards.

MarvellousMe grabs attention and makes you smile and glow with pride; the magical secret to break down barriers and engage all types of parents!

Is it extra work for teachers?

Making MarvellousMe effortless for teachers is always a priority. Teachers use it two-to-three times a week, with their class in plenaries. It’s like sending a learning postcard home, or awarding an electronic sticker. Notes are kept short for maximum impact, and teachers can add media, worksheets and even date-stamped homework.

There’s never any setup for teachers, and we restrict parent-replies to thrilling Hi5s, to eliminate off-task conversations or out-of-hour contact.

What makes MarvellousMe special for leaders?

MarvellousMe is a whole-school solution that leaders can manage and measure with ease. It empowers SLT to focus parent communication on learning and school rewards, and makes it easy for them to ensure success in every class. They can even evidence parent engagement impact by special cohorts, like Pupil Premium and SEN children.

MarvellousMe is set up and managed centrally, so it’s always up-to-date, it’s secure and GDPR-compliant. The investment is low, and our business model transparent; we back everything up with first-class service, including a two-step programme that guarantees results.

Plus, office staff can use it too, to send news home and award MarvellousMe badges, en masse and on the fly. This saves a fortune on texts, paper and ink, and encouraging even greater parental support and strong attendance and punctuality.

What’s the impact?

There are 600 schools using MarvellousMe, with average parent engagement of 90%!

We hear fabulous comments every day, and love our shout-outs in inspection reports, but we can’t ask for more than parents saying that they now get valuable information about their child’s progress. As a better-engaged dad now myself, I know first-hand the massive difference that makes.

What should readers do if they like the sound of this?

Please get in touch with me via [email protected], or request a demo here!

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