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We're proud to be a market leader and have over 30 years' experience working in the school data management industry. Many of our customers have been with us since the very beginning which speaks volumes about the level of service and support we deliver.

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Ian Hunter is CCO at WCBS, a global organisation and market-leading supplier of next-generation true cloud information management software for schools. Ian has spent many years working in the edtech arena, and believes that WCBS has an outstanding product portfolio, delivering a transformational change to schools on a daily basis. Ahead of GESS Dubai (27th February - 1st March), Ian writes about why many schools need to rethink their information management...

HUB is a true cloud-based information management system (IMS), exclusively for schools, from WCBS. It allows teachers, administrators, parents and students to easily access information relevant to them, encouraging their engagement and collaboration. HUB is multilingual, has instant messaging, online admissions and a parent app, improving communication across the entire school community. Other features include user-targeted reporting and analysis, an advanced platform for teachers to monitor attendance, behaviour and student performance, identify areas for intervention and set targets to ensure every child achieves their full potential.

Why cloud?

Today’s big data is stored in the cloud. Finance, healthcare and national security use the cloud to store information collected to manage crucial, confidential aspects of our lives.

Cloud-based platforms ensure that data security is paramount, accessibility both flexible and fluid, and functionality intuitive, with user needs central to the way they work. Think about when you use online banking, or the giants of social media, how everything comes together so seamlessly that we take it for granted. The updates are automatic, there’s zero downtime, and you can access from your chosen device. So, why not apply the same to managing school information?

Modernising information management

Every school has big data - school groups more so - and they amass critical data every day. This ranges from a child’s learning journey, class or year group analyses, to whole-school information. Data is collected on parents, teachers and senior leaders. Some years ago, managing this data moved from spreadsheets to central, server-based systems. Now, however, managing server-stored data has raised concerns about data security, frequency of software updates, and IT teams spending more time on system maintenance than the needs of staff.

Supporting schools in delivering outstanding education

HUB provides guaranteed uptime, and is fully managed by cloud providers and independent software vendors, rather than a local or inhouse IT manager. As a result, hardware warranties, installation and upgrades, software compliance and data backups are automatically provided by some of the best cloud tech experts in the world, meaning that the system is always up-to-date and protected from any potential vulnerability. HUB also gives schools the storage capability and scalability to respond to future innovation and expansion, and is user-centric and flexible; built to be intuitive for staff, parents and students, providing immediate access from any device, at any time, and from anywhere with an internet connection.

Schools using HUB always have a complete picture of everything happening, ultimately giving their decision makers the ability to track the impact of their strategies to ensure that teaching and learning are of the highest standards.

Visit or contact [email protected] / +44 (0)1458 833 344 for more information. You can find WCBS at GESS Dubai, where they will be holding demonstrations of HUB from Stand Q43.

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